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About Us
About The Company
Compass Realty Associates is a privately held, real estate investment and development firm founded on superior market knowledge, long-term industry relationships and a strong entrepreneurial philosophy.

Compass and related entities have developed over two million square feet of commercial real estate. This in-depth experience has enabled Compass to cultivate exceptional tenant relationships and build a strong financial platform for creating value in the properties where we invest.
Our Strategy
We Discover Potential
How does one location become prime for development while another does not? While some come of age due to surrounding activity, the majority demands a level of vision and intuition that only experience can produce. Compass real estate professionals have been discovering and creating prime locations for almost two decades. Each of our team members combines experiences with local market knowledge to accurately assess as property's highest potential. We then use this information to negotiate and secure sites for our development portfolio.

We Produce Superior Results
Site procurement is only part of our story. Whether developing sites for a big box retailer, a grocery anchored community center or a small neighborhood strip center, the Compass team has a long record of producing superior results. Our wealth of experience and strong industry relationships gives us a unique competitive advantage.

We Are A Results-Driven Company
Compass' results-driven, return focused approach to commercial real estate benefits our investors. We manage each real estate investment as an operating business. We create value added through our strong New England contacts and long standing relationships with the most influential real estate individuals and brokerage companies.

We Balance Vision With Pragmatism
Our firm's size allows us to be flexible and responsive enough to take advantage of opportunities quickly and efficiently. Our stature in the New England real estate community commands the respect necessary to get deals done. Compass works constantly to balance vision with pragmatism, always taking care to create the most value for our investors.