Compass Realty Associates LLC
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We Acquire Underperforming Real Estate
Compass Realty Associates, LLC is comprised of opportunistic team members demonstrating proficiency in the location and acquisition of underperforming real estate. Compass aims to achieve superior returns in all developments, and therefore, concentrates on projects where the company maintains an economic upper hand.
Geography and Demographics
Compass Realty approaches every acquisition with the utmost scrutiny, beginning with a thorough examination of a potential site's surrounding geography and demographics. Our team concentrates its energy on properties solely in New England, our area of expertise. Any considered project undergoes a thorough site selection process consisting of demographic, traffic, and retail analysis. Furthermore, a proposed acquisition undergoes a rigorous financial underwriting, allowing Compass to accurately forecast investors' returns.
Our Properties
Compass Realty deals solely in credit-anchored commercial real estate. Properties range greatly in both size and price. Our diverse tenants include car dealerships, supermarkets, pharmacies, retail stores, banks and other enterprises as well. Compass builds both strip centers and free-standing stores.
Redevelopment Opportunities
> 10,000 to 150,000 square feet
> $1,000,000 to 15,000,000
> Strip centers, freestanding stores and portfolios.
Development Opportunities
> Land - 1.5 acres up to 50 acres
> Underserved retail locations

For additional information or to propose potential acquisitions please contact:
David R. Masse : 781 935 4500 ext. 224